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I observe people: I focus on their features, attitudes, clothing, actions, or how they are feeling. 

As I begin to draw, then paint, my characters take on a life of their own. Often in the middle of my process, the painting will transition to a different path than I anticipated.

I listen to my favorite jazz, R&B or classical music when I paint. I let the rhythmic beat of the music dictate my brush strokes. Impressions of the places I have lived, New York City, Mexico City, Maui, Seattle and Arizona have greatly influenced my work.

I sculpt my figure's clothing with Mylar, paper or fabric. I delight in not knowing what will evolve when using these materials. In many paintings I will outline the figures with a German phosphorescent paint.

I am compelled by the desire to capture moments, emotions and events that stir my soul. I am inspired by life, love and the diversity and emotions of myself and those around me. In most cases you will find a heart incorporated in my paintings, It reminds me no matter what life places in your path it’s important to “keep an open and loving heart. I want viewers to see themselves or someone they know in my paintings, and to make an emotional connection.

- Suzanne MacDonald


Whimsical artist Suzanne MacDonald was born and raised in Seattle Washington and now lives in Gilbert Arizona.

I studied at Seattle University and Burnely School of Art and the Pratt School of Art both located in Seattle. I am however primarily a self-taught artist. I find experimenting with watercolors, acrylics, inks, dyes, Mylar paper and building mediums have been my best teachers."

”My philosophy leans towards loving the crazy things about yourself and this attitude is reflected in my whimsical people I call The Wiggy’s . I paint my whimsy people with big hands, feet, legs, thighs and lips. I found they have a way of delighting my viewer’s spirit and imagination.”

Through the years my passion for creating art continued, but took a backseat to a corporate career, wife and mother. In 2008 I became a widow. My art took a new direction. I began to navigate my way through my grief by painting and expressing my emotions on canvas; it was a healing experience.

- Suzanne MacDonald