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Susan Saladino

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"An overview of my original artworks reveals a diversity of materials and mediums I utilize to express a singular theme. I have examined the relationship we have with the natural world and all animal life, and invite the viewer to do the same. The work is strongly committed to the belief that we as humans have a kinship with all life; we are all connected.

A desperate concern for animal welfare is a sentiment patterned in the fabric of all my artwork. Over the years I have observed the human action as it roams between a celebration of animals and brutality towards them. I have drawn on this observation earlier in my career to create paintings expressing reverence for their lives and protesting cruelty. Recently I began an exploration using clay. The playful animal figures I built are seemingly amusing, yet a deeper look exposes a truth I want the viewer to look at.

In my current mixed media sculpture series, I employ materials from the earth to reference conservation concerns. Surface texture of the hand built clay figures is created using natural materials found in the environment. Twigs sheared from culled trees symbolically imply the loss of habitat. Birds in some of the work represent all animal life. My figures very often are blindfolded suggesting the human inclination to turn away from certain realities that perhaps are uncomfortable or may require change. Change is needed.

I have come to believe that as stewards of this planet we cannot afford to turn a blind eye. The kinship we have with all life must be expressed in action, since belief is no longer enough."

- Susan Saladino


"A lifetime resident of Long Island, New York, I lived and maintained a working studio there until twelve years ago, at which point I relocated to Palm Beach County, Florida. I can be found most days at home in my art studio surrounded by a lush tropical landscape and several highly spirited canines; both providing a constant source of inspiration and peace."

- Susan Saladino