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Sharon Cooke



Drawing inspiration from evolution and adaptation, Sharon's original artworks often combine various techniques and textures in multiple layers to portray natural Louisiana.

"For years, I had only created commissioned pieces. When my father, one of my biggest advocates for painting, passed away, I realized in the fifteen years since I sold my first painting, I had never painted anything for him. The realization that I had lost this moment I should have made happen, opened my eyes to a new way of approaching painting, being that I would never know unless I tried. Embracing this approach has made me a kid in a candy store when it comes to art, and I can't seem to get enough of it now."

- Sharon Cooke


"I was born in Tecumseh, Oklahoma, a small town southeast of Oklahoma City. Through a series of random choices, I ended up in the New Orleans area in the beginning of 2007 and have been hanging around ever since, watching instead of doing. Until the aforementioned death of my father kickstarted me into finally doing rather than watching. Until that point, any skill I had survived through commissioned pieces. 2016 marks the starting point of work that is mine, and mine alone, largely influenced by the swamps of Louisiana, but also drawn from Oklahoma and Arkansas as well."

- Sharon Cooke