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Kara Shaw



Kara's style balances realism and abstraction, with the intent of contrasting and unifying them. For these original artworks, she paints with acrylics, oils, and sometimes both. She believes the interactions between feathers, water and the light are serendipitous moments, symbolic of our growth, transport, wonder, vision and inquisitive existence. 

She is enamored with the micro-moments of human reactions. Those moments which cause a person to burst into unexpected laughter with another person, or when a single breath of surprised joy blankets a persons nose and mouth with their own hands, and the only expressions revealed are through their sparkling eyes (as if they are trying to capture joy, and savor it, before they have to release it into the world). She is drawn to solemn reactions, when tears fill up and spill over, or when a person kicks up dirt in response to defeat. Within each of these delicately brief instances, Kara studies the light, taking a mental record of how she can paint it, because those are occasions where she deeply feels a connection to her faith.


Kara Shaw creates large-scale oil paintings that document the phases of water and light. Her work has been the subject of multiple group and solo exhibitions. The Texas-based artist is the recipient to the Who's Who in Art publication, and was recently selected by the Royal Academy of Arts for a 2015 design competition. She has been featured in various other publications, and many of her paintings hang in the homes of private collectors around the world.